When was the last time you sat down to carefully think about what would happen to all your assets if you or your partner were to pass away?

We have witnessed many cases where people do not have their estate instructions in place and this can result in many issues for their family.

No estate planning can lead to the following concerns:

  1. The government decides who should receive your assets.
  2. There can be very lengthy delays in assets transferring from one person to another.
  3. Without a binding nomination your superannuation monies can take a very long time to pass to your beneficiaries.
  4. Your assets may not be distributed tax effectively if the government decides who should receive your money. Hence resulting in less money being distributed to your family due to larger tax liabilities.
  5. If there are young children involved the government could decide on who will be the guardian. These people may not be the best guardians for your children.
  6. There is greater potential for your estate to be contested, resulting in less money being paid to the people you want.
  7. With a growing number of second marriages, assets can also be contested by initial spouses.
  8. Solicitors may need to be involved, resulting in your estate assets being depleted due to legal costs.

It is important that you take the right steps to consider the above and put steps in place now, to plan for the unfortunate time in which you possibly pass away prematurely.

To alleviate all of the above you need to discuss with Your Life Advisor (Jason) how you would like your assets distributed in the event you pass away.

We will help explain your options prior to your meeting with a solicitor in order to develop a well structured Will or Trust for your family needs. We can also recommend an experienced solicitor if required.

After careful discussions we will help you bring your Hopes & Dreams to life.

We help people to ensure that the right amount of money pass to the right people, at the right time, as tax effectively as possible.

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