For many people superannuation is an amount of money that they do not worry about until they are 65. Unfortunately if your superannuation is mismanaged, the amount provided at retirement may not be sufficient to fund your lifestyle.

At Your Life Financial Services we take the time to explain the tax benefits of superannuation and implement strategies to ensure that you are receiving the most benefit out of your superannuation savings.

We also aim to ensure that you are investing in a competitively priced superannuation fund that is tailored to your needs.

Are you aware that once you turn age 55 you have a unique opportunity to significantly build your superannuation savings and reduce the tax that you pay until you decide to retire.

We encourage you to take more control of your superannuation and not waiting until you are 65.

We help you assess the following:

  • Are on track to retire with enough money to fund your desired lifestyle – for your entire retirement?
  • Is your superannuation fund performing to expectations?
  • Is the asset allocation appropriate?
  • Are you employing the right fund managers?
  • Are you contributing enough to super this year?
  • Are you taking full advantage of current legislation?
  • Should you make contributions for your spouse if they are not employed?
  • Are there other tax effective strategies you should be using?

Would you consider meeting if we could potentially reduce your superannuation fees and providing you with a clearer picture of your future in order to achieve your hopes and dreams much sooner.

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