In each step of Your Life journey there are key fundamental risks and opportunities that you need to consider for you and your family. If you travel on this journey alone you may miss opportunities that exist along the road.

This Journey is where you build the foundation for your Hopes, Dreams and Memories. We build strategies with you to ensure your life dreams come to fruition. Most importantly we track Your Life journey and build the memories together.

Young Family
How do you visualise the next 5 years with your family?

  • Holidays with the Family – Building life long memories.
  • Sports / Music / Activities with your children – Invest in their future.
  • Mortgage Reduction strategies.
  • Children’s education.
  • Some personal cover in case you get hurt or sick.
  • Set a foundation for your superannuation.

Married and Older Children
More financially sound: Planning any holidays?

  • Family Holidays to more distant locations.
  • More free time as a couple to experience what life has to offer.
  • Strategies to build your wealth.
  • Focus more on superannuation and your financial future.
  • Protect your income as you build your assets.
  • Minimise tax where possible.

Approaching Retirement
A stressful time for many. How do you visualise your retirement?

  • Holiday’s overseas – See the world.
  • Grandchildren arrive on the scene. Time to help your children.
  • Once age 55 – tax minimisation strategies. Talk to me NOW.
  • Maximise your superannuation.
  • Start to consider Age Pension entitlements.
  • Ensure your mortgage is extinguished.
  • It is important you have a clear picture of your retirement.

Congratulations your life journey is now just beginning.

Many people find this the most terrifying time of their life as they potentially lose an income or 2 and are often unsure of how to plan for the upcoming years. Without careful planning you could find Your Life savings depleted at a quicker pace than you anticipated.

  • Do you have a clear vision for your future?
  • Plan for holidays to see the world.
  • Play sport with friends (golf, tennis, bowls).
  • Ensure you do not outlive your life savings.
  • Maximise your Centrelink Entitlements.
  • Track your retirement savings.
  • Ensure your assets pass to your beneficiaries tax effectively.

Now is the time to crystalise your Hopes and Dreams and create a colourful book of memories.