Income Protection.

What is your biggest asset?
When answering this question many people reply, their home. While this may be their largest current asset, we firmly believe YOU are the biggest asset in your family. Your ability to stay healthy and earn an income is the core that keeps your lifestyle comfortable and moving ahead.

Imagine for one moment, if you were unable to work for 6 months or more due to a sickness or accident. With your spouse having to visit you in hospital and look after the children, the second income earner also generally suffers.

A solution is a well structured income protection policy to look after you and your family.

Key Benefits of Income Protection Cover

  • The premiums are 100% tax deductible.
  • There is no excess you need to pay if you make a claim.
  • While on claim you do not pay for premiums (with all leading companies).
  • Once you return to work the policy continues with no loadings or exclusions.
  • You can potentially be paid until you retire (payments increasing with inflation) if you are unable to ever work again.
  • Your doctor determines if you are able to return to work ( not the insurance company doctors).
  • This could potentially save your family home if you are unable to work for several months while the bank keeps asking for interest repayments.

Our aim is to protect your biggest asset…YOU…and also work on helping you achieving your Hopes, Dreams and building lasting Memories for life.

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